Retail Solution

Retailers face numerous challenges in an increasingly demanding environment.


From inventory related issue, customer experiences to loss prevention, SML is ready to meet the needs of our customers through our reliable and convenient retail solutions.


Accurate and cost-effective inventory management is critical to all retailers. Amidst human error, stock movement and loss, losing track of inventory seems to be a common concern to retailers and could significantly impact sales and production forecasts. Utilizing our RFID tags and our Clarity™ inventory management software, our customers can enjoy a hassle-free and powerful inventory management solution. Our solution provides constant, accurate, up-to-date information on sales and inventory across the globe, helping our customers with efficient replenishment and loss prevention, and ultimately maximizing profits.


Maintaining a consistent customer experience across multiple stores through accurate brand and product information is equally critical for retailers. The tag and label on each product consists of information essential to a customer's purchasing decision and that directly impact sales. We use our integrated hangtags to display retail information such as brand logo, price, size, and care instructions, and help to deliver a seamless and unified customer experience that encourages sales, as well as accurate and efficient checkouts to successfully capture sales.


To prevent loss and maximize profitability, we integrate our tags and labels at the source so they are more secure, reliable and efficient.