How can Item-Level RFID make the supply chain more sustainable?

Sep 21, 2020

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before: no longer just motivated by style, quality and price. As a result, the retail sector as a whole is undergoing a dramatic shift to keep up with these changing behaviours... [Read more]

SML Group Launches Latest GB25U8 Inlay – the first spec H inlay

Sep 16, 2020

RFID technology leader, SML Group has today announced the latest addition to its range of high-performance RFID inlays, the GB25U8... [Read more]

SML Group Notice | Our Response to COVID-19 

Mar 30, 2020

Given that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently characterized COVID-19 a pandemic, we would like to reassure you that our top priority is the safety and health of our employees... [Read more]

SML RFID announces FactoryCare™ offering to manage RFID-tagged products from source to store

Mar 3, 2020

SML RFID, the leading full-service RFID provider, has announced the launch of its RFID FactoryCare™ offering which will enable manufacturers of fashion retailers to manage RFID tagged products... [Read more]

Pushing Sustainability in the Apparel Industry

Nov 25, 2019

Sustainability continues to be a critical subject line for a number of industries – none more so than the apparel and footwear sector. As business models for brand owners and fashion retailers evolved... [Read more]

BEAUMANOIR Partners with SML and Pilots Item-level RFID to Enhance Inventory Accuracy & Customer Service Within China Stores

Nov 18, 2019

SML RFID, a global leader in delivering high-performance RFID solutions for the retail industry, today announced that it has deployed SML’s RFID Inspire™ tags and SML’s Clarity® item-level solutions for apparel organization... [Read more]

SML RFID Opens New Retail Ideation Space in Corby, UK, to Showcase Retail Technology Innovations to Enhance Retail Operations

Nov 14, 2019

SML RFID, the leading provider of RFID tagging products and solutions, has today announced the launch of its Retail Ideation Space (RIS) in Corby, UK.... [Read more]

SML Launches EcoHanger™; Reducing Plastic Waste in Retail Garment Hangers by 50%

Oct 1, 2019

Global business and branding solutions provider, SML, has today announced the launch of its innovative EcoHanger™, which uses recycled chipboard, aiming to eliminate over 50% of plastic usage to meet the growing needs for sustainable retailing.... [Read more]

SML RFID Opens New Retail Ideation Space in Shanghai, China – A Fully Immersive Retail Experimental Space

Sep 24, 2019

SML, the world’s leading provider of full-service item-level RFID solutions, has today announced the launch of its second Retail Ideation Space (RIS) in Shanghai, China.... [Read more]

SML Announces RFID TotalCare™ to Enable Retailers and Brand Owners to Simplify RFID Adoption and Maximize Returns

Aug 22, 2019

SML RFID, the leading full-service RFID solution provider, has today announced the launch of its RFID TotalCare™ offering, an all-in-one systemic package of its item-level RFID tagging and software solutions... [Read more]

SML Introduces Inspire™ and EcoInspire™ to Drive Sustainability for RFID in Retail

Jul 30, 2019

SML, the leading global branding and item-level RFID solutions provider has today launched its new Inspire™ and EcoInspire™ brands. The Inspire™ will be rolled out across SML’s innovative tagging products including woven labels... [Read more]

SML, a Global Item-level RFID Provider, has launched Its New Retail Ideation Space (RIS) in Plano, Texas

Jun 19, 2019

Accelerating market demands for item-level RFID and other advanced technologies that are driving a new era in retailing has created the need for a real-world collaboration space.... [Read more]