One Neat Tag, Multi-Price Applications

One Neat Tag, Multi-Price Applications

Most large, international retailers use a pricing strategy that varies from region to region, and they rely on solutions that help them manage these prices across markets. For one particular customer, a global clothing and accessories retailer with more than 2,000 stores in more than 80 countries, our unique dry peel sticker filled their need for a more effective, single-tag pricing solution.

Business Challenge

In order to correctly label and price their products by region, the retailer had traditionally used a double hangtag ‘booklet’ that can be torn into two tags from one hangtag This design required additional binding accessories while increasing costs and lead time. Additionally, it was aesthetically unappealing as removal of the tag was difficult—staff would often tear these tags unevenly or leave part of the tag hanging.

Other solutions in the market included pre-diecut hangtags and using multiple sticker hangtags. While pre-diecut hangtags utilize perforation to more easily remove one of two prices, the customer disliked the torn look of the hangtag associated with their brand. The multiple sticker solution was more visually appealing than a torn hangtag, as employees could simply remove the stickers according to their location; however the authenticity of these stickers were a problem as stickers could be removed incorrectly or reapplied to artificially alter a price. Both methods allowed for potentially negative effects on operational flow, costs, and brand image.

Our Solution

Our hangtag with dry peel sticker is an innovative solution to the retailer’s functional and aesthetic concerns. We combine two products – a typical hangtag printed with a base price, and a specialized dry peel sticker printed with a cover price – to create a beautiful hangtag with multi-prices. A machine specially developed by SML applies the dry peel sticker to the hangtag, carefully covering the base price, discreetly showing the cover price only. The dry peel sticker leaves no trace on the hangtag when removed and cannot be reapplied.

When a product arrives in a store where the base price should be displayed, the dry peel sticker is removed by the staff to reveal the base price. As the sticker cannot be applied again, there are no falsely switched prices from one garment to another. There is also no more torn tags. Using our dry peel sticker solution, the retailer was able to use one hangtag for multi-prices. Additionally, the dry peel sticker is an aesthetically appealing solution as the sticker is small and always in the same position, concealing the base price from consumers for a cleaner, neater appearance.

The Results

The solution went live in April 2012, starting with a few smaller departments, progressively adding more product lines. Our dry peel stickers allowed the retailer to:

  • Increase in-store productivity by:
    • 30% in shops where the sticker simply needed to be removed
    • 45% in shops where a new price needed to be applied on top
  • Lower costs by speeding up operation processes
  • Enhance their brand image, eliminating torn tags and providing a cleaner hangtag
  • Add creative designs to the front of the hangtag



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