Case Studies

Our innovative solutions-driven approach is driving profitability and efficiency in the design, manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors for leading brands, retailers, and manufacturers worldwide.

Read our case studies to learn how we help our customers achieve excellent results.

Retail sales are tough enough. But when retailers face a declining general economy and downward pressure on consumer spending, they need to squeeze as much efficiency as possible out of their vital supply chains.

For American Apparel, an US clothing brand that produces some 1.5 million pieces of clothing a week with 260 retail outlets around the world, that meant finding more efficient, automated methods to quickly and reliably replenish merchandise on store shelves.


A well-established and globally branded US manufacturer of sportswear, home furnishings and accessory products was in the preliminary stages of deploying an RFID tagging program in compliance with their largest wholesale customer — a prominent US department store chain who is also our customer. The initiative required RFID tagging solutions and services in both Asia and the Americas for the launch of 6 million units, about 12.5% of their total annual unit sales.


A multi-billion dollar apparel brand was working hard to build an efficient supply chain system that could improve operational flow. Specifically, this brand wanted an automated supply chain solution that would reduce human error in packing and resolve mispacked carton shipments from the distribution center. The brand owner ultimately hoped to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and promote their brand image by creating a strategic plan with a RFID solution provider.


A leading legwear brand was looking to encode large quantities of RFID-tagged products at once. As a leader in RFID technologies and solutions, we entered an agreement with the brand to develop an advanced bulk encoding solution. The FT/200 Bulk Encoder and Box Audit station were made for bulk encoding of RFID tags where items need to be counted and matched to their SKU when packed.


Most large, international retailers use a pricing strategy that varies from region to region, and they rely on solutions that help them manage these prices across markets. For one particular customer, a global clothing and accessories retailer with more than 2,000 stores in more than 80 countries, our unique dry peel sticker filled their need for a more effective, single-tag pricing solution.


As one of the biggest consumer electronics corporations, Best Buy works hard to ensure its products are sustainable and cost-efficient — and the same value should apply to packaging, as sustainable packaging also reduces costs and enhances brand image. Best Buy wanted to carry out an eco-friendly material reduction initiative for over 200 SKU across all Best Buy exclusive brand product categories, beginning with a new cable-packaging program for Rocketfish.